Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Candy Thief! (day 101)

Here comes one of my favourite parts of Halloween: THE DAY AFTER, for the cheap candy sales.

I took a trip down to my local Michaels to pick up a hot glue gun I've been eyeing for about a month. Across the street from it is a small shopping area that has a grocery store and a London Drugs. My brother had called and asked if I wanted to go candy hunting with him, but we were in different areas of the city, so we decided to look in our areas at the time, and call each other once we find something. For me, the grocery store didn't have any Halloween candy out. In fact, they had all their Christmas candy out...my next stop was London Drugs, where I spotted the candy straight from the entrance. There was probably about 30 bags left. I shuffled over and checked out the price, types of candies, and quantities to see if it was worth picking up. While I was contemplating and in the process of grabbing a couple for me an my brother, a lady swooped in behind me and started shoving bags after bags into her basket. While she was doing that, I was trying to grab what I could, I only wanted 4. She then just grabbed a bag out of my hand that happened to be in the way of her gathering spree. Trying not to cause a huge scene:
"Excuse me...but...uhm...I only want 4 bags...that's all I want..."
She ended up giving me the bag she took from my hand, as I already had 3 in my other hand. In the end, she took the rest of what was on that shelf, filling up her basket to the brim.

I'm honestly not a huge fan of Halloween itself. People get crazy over candy, costumes, and fireworks. There is heightened security on the streets of downtown, and people still get hurt. Emergency vehicles are on alert and on the road all the time. Sirens are always going. Also, people like to scare me :( I dislike that. However,  I like seeing people dressed up in creative costumes, and sometimes maybe I'll dress up myself, but my costumes were usually lame, or not as coool as other people. I usually don't like explaining what I am, or be predictable either. My motto: if you're gonna do it, do it right.

I had the idea of being a Sackboy from Little big planet...I'd have to knit a full suit...but that would be so awesome, and I'd stay warm! My costumes tend to be something that only geeks would recognize. For my grad year at high school, I dressed up as Chun-li from street fighter. No one knew who I was until I walked into my computer class. Can always rely on the geeks to make me feel better about myself :) Thanks guys! I hate explaining what I am, and I hate being obvious with the costume. I'd like to tackle something new that maybe no one (at least that I know) has done before. Bunny, angel, devil, kitty, the guy with the scream mask, etc are overdone every year to a point where you just expect it. No one will expect a giant dancing rainboot wearing rainboots!

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