Monday, November 22, 2010

Circle Craft -- Embracing the Holiday season (day 119-121)

View at the top of the hill on my street.
They are building house here. Great view.
Welcome to the first "official snowfall" for Greater Vancouver. Very late Friday night/Saturday morning, we got dumped with about 2-3 inches of snow, at least where I was staying. It's time to bring out the ice scraper and winter boots, which I still need to get. Turns out 2 out of 3 of the boots I own, that all have different purposes, have holes in them. I think I can fix one, but it's a matter of function vs. fashion...My solution? Duct tape.
The entrance to the mall where the theatre was.

Saturday, I got the chance to sleep in quite a bit. It was very nice, and C and I did a small shopping trip to the closest mall, for some lunch and some impulse shopping for our weak desires. I got a tank top and a vest (all on sale, yesss), and he got MTG (magic the gathering) cards, of course. Later that evening, I met up with some friends to see the new Harry potter film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1. Having just finished listening to the audio book, I think they did really well in putting all of the important parts into the movie. There were some missed parts, as in not using polyjuice potion in some scenes, but looking at it from a movie standpoint, the main characters would of had less face time, and for most of the viewers, it's the reason why they are watching this movie. They did a very good job, and I applaud, except I hate it when people do that in movies, so I will silently applaud in my head. Bravo! Can't wait for part 2. Darn you Warner Bros. for wanting a summer release movie.

C found a twin puppet from "Diabolo Puppets"
 Now, finally getting to Circle Craft.
Sunday, we met up with "The Living Room Studio" for a craft adventure!  We saw a lot of great vendors. It was tempting not to buy a lot of goodies. They have booths that range from kids toys to fuzzy underwear, decidant chocolates to lemonade, decorative glass to fine knitted accessories, and many MANY more. There are so many booths, my head started to hurt, but in a good way!

There was a vendor that got me really interested in a new medium that I was kind of looking into doing: Pressed flower art. The artist: Janice Lutsenkos. Her work is amazing. Everything she had on display were pressed and dried flowers, leaves, stems, moss, etc made into a gorgeous image. Her website doesn't show the justice to her artwork, and it doesn't look like she has any of her original art available on the website. You'll have to hunt her down via events. I believe Circle Craft was her only BC event, as she is based in Alberta. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing her again next year, and maybe I can bring up the courage to buy a beautiful piece.

While looking through some knitted accessories at one of the booths, one of the vendors noticed the scarf that I made, and wore that day. It was complimented, and I told him that I had made it, and he said he could tell, because you wouldn't be able to find something that luxurious in stores these days, which is true. With that boost of confidence, I began to wonder if I could pull off doing one of these booths one day.
R-chard playing with puppets from "Diabolo Puppets"

Twas a great day to pick up business cards, and admire under appreciated artisans of our great country.

Visit TLRS's blog for their post about our adventure, and more pictures...or maybe the same pictures from different angles.

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  1. Sounds like a good time and that movie was Awesome! XD I wanna see it again.... ur amazing at all the knitting and craft stuff.. keep up the Awesome work.... Speaking of that mall, I'd like to go there with you sometime... :D