Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post-craft (day 114-115)

After a successful craft show, I am now pumped to start selling like crazy and start up new projects. I made a new etsy account that was more appropriately named for this blog, and HOPEFULLY have that up and running when I can get a few things going. Today I've been all over the Martha Stewart craft site. I want to do coasters so badly right now, and/or anything to do with felt. Has my jewelry phase ceased? I sure hope not, I still have quite a few supplies!!

Sunday: I created a very temp and amateur light box, using a desk lamp. The quality wasn't to what I had desired originally, but I made due with what I had. It does the job for small objects. I was photos for the rest of the items I didn't sell at the craft show.

Monday: After going through the Martha Stewart felt section, I was inspired to create my very own cellphone sleeve for my massive phone: Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. All I have done is the layout, I will be adding button eyes and stitching it on with embroidery thread :) What else should I add on there, maybe the back as well? Actually I might give it an interesting edge with scrapbooking scissors...if I have enough to work with.

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  1. Why don't you write your name on the back? or a nickname you go by? more customizable!! :)