Monday, November 08, 2010

Filling up (day 107-108)

Sunday morning, I received a text from my brother and cousin Ry. It was time for a trip down to china town for a lunch time excursion to one of the busiest restaurants there, Phnom Penh (It is no coincidence that "nom" is in the name), a Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurant. The flow of people is usually the same from opening to closing, which is PACKED and there is always a wait. We had to wait a while for our table. Once we got there, it was time to indulge!
Butter Beef
The most addicting wings I've ever had. If I eat too much, I start to feel sick, but the first half is nom-a-licious. Our family calls them "Crack Wings" for the reason that there is unusual yet delicious addicting taste to them...and that the restaurant is just a couple blocks away from "Bum Central" where all the crack heads wander. We figured it was their secret ingredient.
Frog legs, with the same addicting deep fried batter as the chicken wings.
I picked up some legs...and I was reminded of the looney tunes short.

Before and after eating a HUGE "banh xeo". Can't believe he finished that.
"Tony, want to go out for some bubble tea later?"
"Okay :)"
We didn't...and thank goodness for that! 

Outside "New Town" bakery, where they make self-proclaimed "best buns in town"...and I might have to agree. A group of musicians marched through china town streets playing a familiar jazz tune. I couldn't put my finger on the song, but I hummed along happily, and wanted to follow them around! Alas, we had to head home.
Monday was fairly routine for me. Wake up -- without too much struggle, as with Daylight savings time, go to work, head home, groceries, dinner, dishes, attempt to fold laundry and then give up. However, I don't know what came over me tonight. I usually don't read books unless I have absolutely nothing to work on, as I always like to feel productive at all times, which is why I picked up all different sorts of crafts. But today, I picked up a book and started reading the first couple of pages. I picked up this book a while ago, along with a few others that I haven't read yet.

I'm a slow reader, and when I try to read fast, I tend to skip words or even lines, so I have to go back and read it again. I also get caught up in the images the book is giving me in my head, so I lose my spot a lot. This is why I usually don't read books, I end up losing interest in the book because I read too slow, or get distracted too easily.

When I was going through the Harry Potter series, I found that listening to the audio book (read by Jim Dale) while reading really helped me focus. Plus I enjoyed the change in voices when the narrator switched characters. I actually wanted to read the last Harry Potter book before the movie hits theatres in a couple of weeks, but I know I won't finish in time. Maybe I'll get the audio book and listen while I work :).

C's a fast reader. He loves to read. He can go through a book in less than a week. I can't keep up. I haven't given up on reading...I've just put it on hold...

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time and all that food sounded great, I'd love to go there some time, minus the frogs I Tend to read ALOT and have read all my books at least 2 times if not more... Like the Harry Potter Series for example... I've read Book 1 & 2 about 8 times, 3rd about 10 times, 4th & 5th about 6 times and I am in the middle of reading the 7th book for the 3rd I was majorly obsessed with them, can u tell? lol hahahaha XD I also have books from other series like Twilight, Percy Jackson, Eragon, Darren Shan and Vampire Diaries etc... I used to have the hugest Goosebumps Collection and I had a Archie & garfield comics one too, but they where destroyed in the fire.. damn fire T_T I could have sold my goosebump :P My reading speed depends on how much I am interested in the book.. I finished the 5th Harry Potter book(biggest of series) in like 4 or 5 days... Over 700 pages of good reading, Yay! lol :P Don't give up reading, try to find a book that you really like and try to get into it, get away from all ur normal distractions and give the book a good read in your spare time... it's good for your brain to have a intellectual workout & not from work... Take care and Good Luck! :D