Monday, November 01, 2010

Getting closure and reminiscing (day 98-100)

100th picture on the 31st of October! Congratulations to myself! Bahaha.

On Friday, I made the last minute decision to head to the island to see my folks, and to pay my respects to Squiggles. I wasn't sure if I was ready or not, but I needed the closure. I was randomly breaking down at home, and I was getting tired of it. I convinced C to come with me as well, even though he was feeling sick in the head, stomach, and would have to go through Fable 3 withdrawl.

I paid a visit to Squiggles's grave. My dad buried her in the back yard where we have a pear tree growing. Her head is facing towards the house so she can watch over the family. I had a nice cry with my father while he talked about her moving onto the next life, and how she had a good one while she was here with us. I'm pretty sure after Squiggs, my dad's had a soft side for bunnies. There are some bunnies by his old dealership he worked at, and there would be baby ones running around. He said that he would go back there and feed them everyday if he saw them (not that it's a good thing to feed "wild" rabbits...but it was really sweet).
Potatoes that were growing where Squiggles grave was being dug.
We also spent most of our weekend being nostalgic. My brother and I are trying to digitize some old VHS tapes, as not many people have VHS players anymore, and then we can easily make copies and share them via internet and DVD. It also gives us a chance to edit the videos...chances are I will be doing that. It was fun times seeing old 80's fashions, baby versions of ourselves and cousins, going through photos and old games! My brother's brain sparked the idea of finding his old atari and commadore 64, after finding the games for it. After a couple of hours of vigorous hunting in the basement and being covered in many layers of dust, he found what he was looking for! He's attempting to sell them if he can. Now it's just a matter of finding out if they still work or not.

We spent our halloween rummaging through my parents candy dish...and then our aunt's candy dish...very low key, as we are every year. All I'm looking forward to is candy sales the next day!


  1. That's great you got some closure... and that you got to reminisce on old happy memories... I did that when I cleaned out my room, lol. I found stuff back from elementary school and even photo's of me and family long before I was born... All good happy memories, but it also made me miss the ones I've lost.... on a more positive note it made me happy to remember those memories and people, plus it feels good knowing they are watching over me... R.I.P. Squiggles and Chikita, may you both be happy in Animal Heaven!!! XD

  2. ooooo.... digitalizing old vhs... thats a good idea. cute blog, fun read :)

    RIP Squiggles