Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Glue power! (day 102)

Tonight was time to put my new glue gun to the test.
Yes, it is pink.
Yes, it has flowers.
Yes, I picked the girliest one I could find.
I made a handful of button earring studs in preparation for the Sublime Art show that I will be helping out at. In reality, I'm not ready at all mentally, or know what to expect really. I'm assuming that it'll be like when I worked the concession stands at school, and track meets...'cept these are not a bag of chips.

I actually only finished about 80% of my prepared buttons before FREAKING OUT at my glue gun, which was acting different than Taj's one that I borrowed a month ago. So I stopped for the night and took some photos.

Someone sent me blog post that they found on photographs taken with the lens detached. They were gorgeous and interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try. I had no idea how to approach this. I took the lens off completely but everything was a huge blur. I tried moving in closer to the object, but it was like it wasn't there. So, I decided for now, until I work out the kinks of this operation, I would shoot through my lens, but it still being detached. The photo above was the best result. There have been no alterations to the photo, besides me exporting it with my name in the corner (and I know most of you think it's super cheesy and lame for that 'copyright' to be there, but it's just to differentiate pictures I would take, as opposed to others I might just post from the internet). It came out really interesting. I'm hoping to try a couple more techniques that I looked up.

PS: Hamilton Hairy Happenings is updated with October's photo.

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