Friday, November 05, 2010

Missing in Action (day 103-104)

Busy busy busy. I've been running around the last couple of days and working on SUPER SECRET PROJECTS that will be revealed tomorrow

Wednesday, I rushed over to my brother's place to play Atari. He finally got the system working, but the video cable was loose, so getting it to show up on the TV and stay there was a little difficult. It was fun, none the less. He's in the process of getting his Magnavox Odyssey 2 to work.

FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO of this here's a cheated photo of something from their apartment that I took....a long time ago....

Thursday, C and I hopped on over to "The Living Room Studio" to help them with preparations for their art show on the weekend. I didn't manage to take any photos at their place either, as C and I headed straight over there right after having dinner, I didn't get a chance to grab my camera. We were treated with halloween candies, and b-movies on netflix. After that, I did a quick wrap job of my friend's bridal shower gift...It was poorly done...Never, I repeat, never wrap a gift on the floor if both members of the household shed hair like mad, especially if wrapping has static cling. Secondly...measure 5 times...cut once. Now that she had her bridal shower, I can post the pic now :)

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