Thursday, November 18, 2010

Non-crafty days (day 116-117)

I'm craving to do something crafty. I've been all over craft blogs and tutorial sites. I even started following Martha Stewart on Twitter. Alas, I've been putting in some extra hours at work, and it's been taking up my evenings. I haven't been able to start a couple of projects or even finish it. So many post-it notes need to be taken off the wall, BUT NOT UNTIL I FINISH THEM!
The other day, I had a craving for hot chocolate. I watched the baristas at Blenz make my hot chocolate and I was determined to do make some! C said "it's not that hard, powder package, some hot water, done". No, no. I was talking about FROM SCRATCH. Steamed milk, about half a cup of dark chocolate chips, mix with a hand blender (pictured above), and VOILA. Delicious stuff. I didn't have a espresso machine to make the steamed milk, so I shook the milk til it was a little frothy, and then microwaved it so that it was hot.
Tonight we managed to get through half of Beauty and the Beast, a great reminiscent of my childhood. I knew all the words and expressions during the songs. I didn't own the movie, but I did have a Disney sing-a-long vhs tape, which I watched repeatedly. We put it on to watch while we ate our super late dinner, but we both started to get tired, and decided to finish it tomorrow. Movies like this make me proud that I work in the animation film industry.

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