Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pft (day 125-127)

The cold weather is now bombarding Vancouver with snow, ice, and slow traffic. I am to force myself to bundle up due to the brisk wind and chilling air. For the most part, I drive to work or carpool, so bundling up isn't too big of a deal (I can usually jaunt my way to the car and back without a scarf or toque), unless I know for a fact that I am to leave at lunch to hunt for food. Thursday, we had a dump of snow, which lead the traffic to crawl almost to a stop on the way to work. It was brutal. Without a lunch, I walked to the closest sushi restaurant to my work, with mittens, toque, and scarf. The only skin exposed? My eyelids. Without taking off my mittens, because I had put them on before my that no cold air could get in between the mitt and sleeve, I paid for my lunch...quite clumsily. I dropped the change twice. One of the reasons why I DESPISE mittens with a passion: It's like I have one finger and one thumb. I can barely point! With a self-noticeable short pinky finger, I refuse to buy knitted gloves because they never fit, and I can make my own. I've been saying that for a while, and I just haven't been able to do so. For now...I'm stuck with these mittens to keep my hands warm for the time being.
This is who I am supporting for Movember.
With the holidays fast approaching, we had to think ahead for some vacations C and I are going on. I had asked my brother to drop by during one of them to feed our fish. Well, looks like he's off the hook now! We picked up an automatic feeder, which hopefully works. It's battery operated and the batteries we have...well I'm not sure when they will run out....I don't trust it. The woman at the pet store said that we can return it if it is not to our full satisfaction. Great! I wonder if I can still return it after my holidays....

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  1. Damn Snow and Cold XD I totally understand the mitten thing, I like gloves with fingers, but even then it's hard to hold things properly. Where did you get that? My mum and Step-dad could use it.... I wish I had that when I had fish, that way, when I went away when my dad forgot to feed my fish, that they wouldn't have died T_T...