Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quite brisk out (day 123-124)

I'm trying to embrace this earlier than usual snow we're having. I remember sitting at my old desk at work, and while staring out the window, I'd see particles of something I swore was snowflakes float upwards into the sky. I would yell out "IT'S SNOWING" but it was only really visible from the angle of where I was sitting. After my coworker moved into that spot, he noticed the floating particles too...I wasn't crazy...I knew it! Lately, these particles are not just particles, but full formed flakes. 
The view from the top of my work building. One of the reasons why I love greater Vancouver so much, the mountains just minutes away from downtown. The view is amazing, but man alive, is it ever cold! I've almost forgotten what it was like to have bright red ears due to the brisk wind. I have to bundle up, and I'm pretty sure I need a better winter coat. Toque, mittens (I HATE MITTENS SO MUCH) and the puffy scarf I made not too long ago. Thank goodness I finished that before this weather came along. It definitely came in handy

Wednesday. Finally felt like putting my contacts in. I hadn't since the Sunday, due to waking up later than I wanted to, or just didn't feel like poking myself in the eye that morning. With contacts comes makeup. This is how I store the brushes that I use. It's in a cup filled with some wax beads I had for a candle thing I had. Other small bead type thing will work as well. Love having these brushes available standing up.

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