Sunday, November 07, 2010

Starting off the weekend (day 105-106)

Friday night was the bridal shower for a friend of mine from college. Her cat partied the hardest, as you can see. She's all tuckered out.
Saturday, I met up with Jules. We went on a hunt for fish stuff, as she had just gotten a beta fish, and was really excited to dress up the tank. In the evening, I had a horrible time setting up this coat rack. Our wall one fell out of the wall, and instead of attempting to destroy the walls with more screws (oh damage deposit!), I figured the easiest solution was a standing one. I should of thought of this before! I managed to find one for under $20. It's not the best of quality, but it will do the job. I also ended up breaking one of Chris's screwdrivers in the process of putting this thing together, and it's possible that little metal filings are all over the area I was working in....great...

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