Thursday, December 09, 2010

Photo vomit (day 132-138)

Thank goodness there's a camera on my phone! I can take photos anywhere! Unfortunately it's not the BEST of quality, but it does pretty darn good for a camera phone. Here's my photo vomit, hope it doesn't stink:

Thursday: First time making meatballs actually! :) They turned out really well! Although I think I will bake them next time instead of pan fry.

Friday: I received my entertainment book for 2011. HOW EXCITING. There are a lot fast food places, restaurants, stores, AND venues that I am interested in going to, so it's definitely worth every single penny :). I also spent the last couple of days delivering these books to friends and coworkers that bought it with me.

Saturday: This was my early Christmas weekend with my fam, as I was spending the actual holidays away from them this year! To christen the new oven that we gotten for the folks, I made a turkey :)  we stuck it in a brine for 24h *cough* it was really only about 15 hours...*cough*. 

Sunday: The next step was BUTTER. Talk about your butterball turkey :)

In the meantime, I set the table and folded napkins. I bought this table cloth a year ago and I finally get to use it :D. It is more holiday-ish. We haven't had any holiday dinners at home, so I never brought this out. Plus, our table can only really handle 4 people...or less.

My masterpiece!!!! It was REALLY GOOD. Thanks Martha Stewart ;)


Tuesday, cousin Ryan invited us over to have some delicious home made pizza!! Thanks :D. It was quite delicious despite the odd shape :D. The Rustic Ryan.

Wednesday, I got some impromptu intro training with a freelance photographer at work on the Adobe program "Lightroom". The amount of control is amazing. The difference with this and photoshop is that it is made specifically for photos. It's very user-friendly. Before, I was using Google's "Picasa" program (it's very similar but the controls are limited), as it was easy to sync up my images to google web albums. Although it looks like I may be switching over to Lightroom permanately, and maybe keeping picasa as a web uploader. Lightroom also provides a free photostream in a flash format for your own photogallery, so my switch over to THAT will be later, when I can pick out the good photos :). Here, I'm working on a photo I took on our Houseboat Vacation in September.

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