Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is this phrase, rest and relaxation? (day 139-144)

Coming down to the final week before a long deserved vacation! In the last few days, C and I have mainly been cleaning (there's something about coming home to a clean and organized home after coming back from vacation), packing, and getting together with friends before we are off! Where you say? Well that will remain a surprise until I get back, unless you already know about it...then those of you will be expecting pictures of just snow o_o....let's reminice on what I've done this passed week:

C and I got my cousin Ryan a block puzzle called '3d Tetris'. There are about 9300 solutions...and about a couple billion wrong combinations. I received this message from him the day after I gave him the gift: "You shouldn't have gave me this game, I stayed up really really late trying to get it". Hey, he's a smart guy, I thought he'd enjoy it...not my fault it's super addicting...
We had a impromptu craft night with "The Living Room Studio" as I believe all of us wanted to just get away from our busy schedules and work on something fun. I took this opportunity to finally make this shadow box from our trip to Mexico. We got this Obsidian spear while we were there. I've been planning this since February...yes...and now it's December....
Us at my company's holiday party. Photo is blah because I took it with my phone...lack of flash sucks a lot with dim lighting. We were starving because they were only serving H'orderves, and we didn't eat before we came. The food was good...but was not filling, nor came around often enough for us to be satisfied. None the less, a fun evening. Lots of great prizes given out, none that I won :(, but it was great seeing everyone all dressed up.
Got a pair of earrings from a crafty friend :D. Thanks M!
The most worst experience at the walk-in clinic ever, and I wasn't even the one seeing the doctors! Waiting for C to finish getting his shots...we waited an hour...*sigh*
The start of what will be an epic house......

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