Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

And I've decided to give up on the 365 project....FOR NOW.

Thinking about it during vacation was a little stressful, not that I didn't get a full chance to take photos everyday. Besides, I've already cheated a few with that said...I might start it again next year. I have high hopes that it will go better in 2012 when I actually start on the first day of the got to the point where I wasn't even really trying to be a photographer...I was just taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures, and it wasn't getting fun anymore, especially with dull subjects (ie: me). Started to feel like a chore :( which I don't want this project to become.

My OCD's kicking in. Perfectionism. It's driving me insane. I was standing in the washroom, watching the dust collect on all of the bottles of hair products sitting behind the toilet. I had the urge to go out and get a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and clean the entire joke...I actually got the eraser. However when I got home, I got side tracked by a game...

On a crafty note, I finished yarn related projects over the holidays. GO ME. Finished a Beret in about 2 and a half days, finally finished a friend's pair of gloves for xmas gift, AND worked on my first crochet project...which I'm thinking about redoing. I ended up losing a small crochet hook, so one project is kind of half done until I can find the same size hook at value village or something.

New Years Resolutions for this blog (so things to hopefully look forward to):

  • I'm still going to post everyday, if not then every other day (with or without photos)
  • Open up that page for Etsy sales
  • Tutorials page, videos on knitting/crochet
...I had other ones while I was knitting but I can't remember! It'll come back to me...

PS. KIRBY EPIC YARN IS AWESOME. C got it for me for Christmas, and even though it was on my list of stuff I wanted...and I've plainly told him THAT IS WHAT I WANT while the commercial was on TV....I was still surprised when I opened the box :).

--Pictures to come from the holidays. I have to upload them!!!

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