Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Epic Beard Journey

If you haven't been caught up to date with what -I- (THAT'S RIGHT, ME) have been going through this past year, please visit a page I have dedicated to this event first.
Alright beard lovers. Tonight was a night of epic proportions. I have documented what I could. C kind of locked the door to the washroom, so whenever he came out, it was a surprise.
Here we start with a before photo
Just getting started.....

And then I braided it :). Doesn't even need an elastic!
Should of recommended a plastic bag instead...
The Final Stage
Ladies and Gents, I did not get my full desire fulfilled. He still has a beard. HOWEVER! I can get to see the shape of his face. Now there will not be some imaginary line that will be drawn on TOP of the beard. If you saw his drivers'd know what I'm talking about. As for that hot place we're going to, I wonder if the short beard will be effected by it.

This beard journey, I expect, has not officially come to an end...I predict more beard growing in the future...I hope it wasn't as ridiculous as this experience.



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  2. OMG! C trimmed his beard!!! cool! you may not get to see a clean shaven face right now, but as you said, you can actually see the shape of his face... it's been a long time.. but the last time I saw him before the movie almost 2 weeks ago, it was back when we went to AI and he was beardless.. well one of the times I saw him... lol. my memory is bad, cause it was like 5 years hahaha lol. Anyways, good luck and safe trip to where ever you may be going.... think positive thoughts and maybe some time in the future he will be beardless again, at least for a little while. Both you and C are Awesome!!!!

  3. That is better. Not as good as I was hoping for but better. Have fun.