Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pumped to craft again, but first...

Over the holidays, we visited C's side of the family in Ontario. I took my first REAL steps through Toronto to do the most touristy activity we could do in T.O., which was go up the CN tower. Quite honestly, I forgot how much I dislike heights. As soon as I climbed into that elevator and looked down through the glass floors, my stomach was left behind. Hold on tight! The ride to the top was shorter than expected though, thank goodness. All in all, I had fun, got some nice looking pictures from my point and shoot.

The view of downtwn T.O.
Never realized how flat it was until then.
I was also "selected" to decorate the Christmas tree. I dug through the dusty boxes of decorations to find the cutest and meaningful ornaments I could find. At this point, I was inspired by a particular ornament to make my own when the holiday season rolls around again. I noticed that the craft fairs seem to be a big hit around the holidays, so that's what I'm aiming for. A little polymer clay and some glue, and we're set! I will need some ideas though.

How lucky to have this as your BACK YARD. Absolutely gorgeous :)
I set up a little people village on one of the side tables. This should would of turned out better if I had placed some cotton all over the table to look like snow.

At Pukaskwa national park, C, his dad and myself went for a hike around a small portion of Lake Superior to check out the huge waves being caused by the heavy wind. Unfortunately, because of my bad timing, when I looked on one side of this little bay, there was a large crash on the other side, and vice versa, so I kind of gave up on trying to catch an amazing shot. Instead, I focused on the overall beauty of this bay.

Now that I have my vacation pictures over with, it's time to get down to serious craft talk...that's right.


With my slightly controlled urge to go to craft stores and buy anything that inspires me, it has left me with a pile of supplies that probably shouldn't be in my possession. I need to get my craft on. Scrapbooking is one of my top priorities. My second is thinking about craft shows and what to do for them. I don't really have a kind of theme other than I like to turn nothings into somethings (like button earrings!). I've had a lot of compliments on my work, and it encourages me to make more. If someone else likes what I like to make, why stop?
I hope that when the time comes for me to do a craft show, that they won't just see me as someone who does random stuff...but I think that might be the case. What I've also been really into lately is recycle crafts. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of recycling paper, plastic and all that, but if I can find a use for it around the house, why not use that than buy something that'll do the same job! I saved up all my paper tubes from wrapping paper, and I had a few ideas for them, but I have yet to execute it.

There is one thing that I've been doing lately and I'm not sure if it's helping my situation or not. I've been browsing a lot of craft websites and blogs that have tutorials and patterns for all sorts of things, from knitting to recycle crafts. What seems to be happening is the more I browse, the larger that post-it note wall of projects becomes. I love to be inspired. It gets me through the day, but it's completely overwhelming. I need to take a step...or maybe many more, and really look at what needs to come first.

Priority 1- get my priorities straight!

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