Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yarning in the sky

I have picked out my projects for the trip I'm going on. I decided to do some crocheting pieces, since a crochet hook is easier to take on a plane than "dangerously pointy" knitting needles. In which case, I had to do a crash course in crocheting via Youtube. I look forward to finishing this on the plane, as it is very addicting, easy and fast. I picked to do a baby blanket, but I'm not going to say who they are for...but I can say it's not for my own. That's a spare tire, not a baby bump~

Where am I going, you ask? A SECRET! Unless you've talked to me in person :). Otherwise, look forward to gorgeous photos when I get back :D.

I love being vague :)

BEARD UPDATE: C was having problems trying to come up with interesting/appealing ways to slowly get rid of his beard hair for the final week before we leave. So, he hasn't done anything with it yet. I had the opportunity to braid it twice in the last month, and with the joyous exclamation: "You could be a viking!". He was not amused. Only a lucky few have been able to see this event. I even got a low lit photo on my phone, and encouraged (by the rest of the people at the table) to post it online. With respect to my partner's request, I decided not hopes that with this in mind, if something like this comes up for me, he would do the same. Can't imagine having my braided beard on the internet.

So why is he getting rid of his beard in the first place, when there is a lot of encouragement? The place we're going to is going to be very hot, and with a beard like that, he will most likely perish in the heat.

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