Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back!!'s sunburned

Our family took a little trip to Vietnam the past few weeks to do a reunion with some important family members on my mom's side that I'd never met before. We spent one week in Ho Chi Minh city, where the family was situated, and then 2 nights in Da Lat (farming country) and 2 nights in Nha Trang (tourist paradise). There was not enough time on this trip, I wanted to do so many things, see lots of sights, and do even more swimming!

Currently my brother has most of the pictures that I took on my trip, as I filled up my SD card within one week...and he was the only one that brought his laptop.

In the mean time, here are a few that I ended up saving that I didn't get transfered over to his laptop...with very little editing involved. These were all taken in Nha Trang:

Got a random British guy on the beach to take a took close to 5 minutes to get this one...He did not know how to use a camera...Though I admit, I did just hand him my SLR and he was probably scared to even hold one.
Playing around with exposure
Diving into waves

Sunrise from the hotel room -- Actually Dad took this photo :)
Love underwater cams...if you can be still enough to take a photo. One of the better ones. And yes, the water was that blue :D
Photo credit goes to C!
Hehe, Basket boat
Monkey on an island we had lunch at. He was tied up because they tend to bite a lot of people.
And this was more cliche photo, but fun none the less.

MORE FUN PICTURES TO COME. These were more later in my trip.

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