Saturday, February 19, 2011

First week back and already stressed out

And what a week it has been. Since I've been back, it has not at all what I had expected, and not in a good way. It has been small cases of stupid incidents that has made my mood this week a little grumpy. On top of that, my back hurts, and I have a cold.

Photo editing is slow. Only just peaking through "Lightroom"'s potential! Yes, I can copy and paste the metadata, but each and every shot is so different, with different lighting, subjects etc, that I end up having to tweek it anyway. So many photos to go through. I managed to pick out just under 200 photos. That is pretty impressive, but I might go through it again, because the 200 was just to show you my trip...there were other photos that were really nice, but pointless (like flowers) that I'd like to upload for the sake of art.

Enough complaining! On the brighter side...kind of, I have looked into the "Sublime" craft show in early May. However, there are a few obstacles in my way at the moment; one of them being, what the heck am I going to sell?! I have to make a list and show photos for my application. I didn't do an application before because I had shared a table with "The Living Room Studio", which has done a show for them before, so they don't really need to re-show them what they are selling. This time, a good friend of mine who has been making beautiful jewelry has been also interested in attending this craft show, and it will be her first time, so I suggested we split the cost of a table, as both of us probably won't have enough goods for a full table. So here I am, trying to jumble what I can consider as a mess of a craft area to figure out exactly what is going on here. As jewelry wasn't the only thing I wanted to show, the rest is very random, and all over the place. Nothing is related at all, other than the fact that I made them. We'll see how that goes. I still have some time before the application deadline, but I have so many things in my head, I have to set them straight first. Finally Sugarham, I may be starting to feel the stress you get before every show, and I haven't even been accepted yet!

How about we cheer ourselves up with something GOOD that happened this week? Actually I completely forgot it was Valentine's day on Monday. I remember that C and I discussed we weren't going to do anything because we had just spent a bunch of money for Vietnam, so V-day was just going to be another relaxing day. So relaxed that I forgot, and even though we weren't doing anything, C still bought some goodies from a bake sale at work to surprise me when we got home. He said he was hiding in his lap the whole time we drove home. As the driver, obviously I wouldn't have noticed.
Now, I feel bad, as we said we weren't doing anything special. The night before, we were having jet-lag problems, so we ended up staying up the whole night catching up on some missed out television, so by the time we got home from work that day, it had been about 24+ hrs of being awake, and we were just too tired to do anything special. I ended up visiting my grandma's house and had dinner there, C was too tired and just slept at home and missed out on a meal. Instead, the next day, I gave C my garlic bread at dinner. I think that's pretty equal to a heart shaped cookie and a muffin :).

PS, still kind of jet-lagged. It's very hard to wake up in the morning...and it's currently 1am and I'm barely tired. I'm just resting from this sore back and cold.

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