Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frequenting the waters

For my whole life, my family and I have crossed the Georgia Straight several times a year to visit family on the other side. The waters are so beautiful. One day I hope to be able to go across these waters in my own boat.
As we are on a crafty blog, I will mention a large event that happens in my home town of Nanaimo: annual bathtub races. Yup. Making working boats out of bathtubs.  If I remember correctly, the goal is for your boat to survive the Georgia Straight two times. The starting point is on a beach in Nanaimo, go across the straight to Vancouver, around a buoy and back. That night, they set off fireworks at the harbour. This happens once a year in the summer. The tricky part is being creative with the boat making. For the most part the boats are motorized for the best advantage. Knowing how a motor boat works might help in the processes Haha. A goal for me? It does sound fun but I don't trust my boat building skills :-).

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