Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gold vs Silver

I'm not talking in the financial sense, although there has been a lot of that kind of talk around the workplace these past few years. No, I'm talking about the look of yellow gold vs sterling silver (or white gold). Let's not look at the value of these metals, but how it looks on you.

In this generation, it is noted that white gold or silver colour metals is definitely more popular, but why? A lot of people think that yellow gold is for the older folks, and therefore "tacky" for the younger generation. Honestly, that all depends on the jewelry or accessory itself. Maybe some look better in silver than it would in gold, and vice versa.

No matter your age, this all comes down to your skin tone and what looks good on you.

There are 3 different major skin undertones:

  1. Cool
  2. Neutral
  3. Warm
And three methods of figuring out which undertone you have:
  • Try to see if yellow gold or silver looks better on you. If both do, you have a neutral undertone, gold for warm and silver for cool.
  • Compare a true white shirt to an off-white shirt on you. Off white will look better on warmer undertones, and true white will look better on cooler undertones.
  • Check the thin part of your wrists where you would see your veins. You will need natural lighting so go outside. If your veins are blue, you have a cool undertone. If they are slightly olive, you have a warm undertone (the warm yellow in your skin will add to the blue of the veins, creating a greenish)
This also applies for choosing the right makeup for your face, in particular, RED lipstick. There are a lot of different shades of red lipstick. If you find out what your undertone is, it will be a lot easier finding a shade that compliments your face.

Example: myself
I have a warm undertone on my face. I really don't look good in green or blue makeup, so I have to stick to the warmer spectrum. For jewelry, I find that both work well on my skin, making my skin neutral-warm for the rest of my body. Clothing, I haven't found a colour that absolutely looks horrible on me, but I find that oranges, yellows and pinks compliment me more.

This accounts for personal taste as well but the reason why it will or won't look good on you would start with your undertone.

Find something that compliments who you are, and ROCK IT.

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