Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Crumbles: The new face

Crumbles: Mischievous and...well..crafty!

Inspired by a ball of fluff I got from the dollar store. Immediately named it "Crumbles"...and I seem to find him in random places in my room! I think that is C's doing, but he denies it. This morning I found him on my alarm, so I wouldn't press the snooze buttons a billion I always do. Mysterious...but with good intentions :)

He is the new face of "Craftybun". You'll probably find him on everything. Etsy shop will be open after the craft show in May, and hopefully workable from this blog as well.

What about that idea with the stamp? Well I scrapped it. It wasn't until I rediscovered Crumbles, after digging him up from a pile of other fluffs, that I realized he would be the better choice. Instead, I think I'll be carving  Crumbles shaped stamp soon.

I'm still tweeking a few things I think...but nothing too noticable...just to me cause I'm picky.


  1. This is such a good replica of the plush :) I wonder what he is up to this very minute...

  2. I found him on the closet doors last was kind of creepy. He was staring at me o_o...