Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Park stroll, and crafty update

Kind of miss blogging everyday. It gave me a purpose to really enjoy everyday beauty. The last few days here have been on and off, the weather. We had rain (and snow/slush for an hour?!) for a bit last week, and on the weekend, it was blue skies. The weekend before, I think we were both having some kind of off day where we were just bored out of our minds just sitting at home, so C and I took a journey to our local park, which is not so much a tradition, but more like a duty every year...even though we're not suppose to :).

We save stale hard bread to feed the ducks, and have a bag of peanuts in the car, for spontaneous trips to the park for our friends, the squirrels. Being April, the baby ducklings are just getting ready to hatch, so we were a bit early to see them, but we happen to notice a few young ducks that haven't gotten their colours yet. Teens, if you will.

Our relationship in a nutshell, of which I had in my hand at the time.

Did this help me? It usually does. A walk with the squirrels tend to loosen a lot of my stress. It's hard not to adore the fluffy tails, especially when they stand on their hind legs and their paws naturally curl inwards as to say "Is that peanutz for me?". I think my heart just melted. YES, you can have a peanuts. Take the whole bag, just do it again!

Crafty update: 
My amigurumi commission is coming along swimmingly. I have the bottom of the feet, the hair, a sleeve of the jacket and the glove left to crochet. And then come the embellishments on the jacket and face. I should definitely be done before my intended deadline.

C signed up for a book exchange on Reddit a couple of months ago. It's similar to secret Santa during the holidays and it includes participants of the popular forum, Reddit. After much excitement with the book exchange, we decided to sign me up for the craft exchange under his user name...which is obviously not a gender neutral...so I may be getting something boyish. In the meantime, C actually forgot to check for notices about this exchange, and he didn't receive any of the emails, so apparently it had already been going on for a week! I have 10 days to finish my craft and send it to the selected person, of whom was chosen for me by the people at Reddit. No problem there, I spent most of my remaining evening coming home late from work to work on this. I had this idea in my head all day, and I'm hoping this will get executed properly. Although you won't find out until the person receives it :) I'm on the edge of my seat too. Let me tell you, it's half done, and looking great. I want to make another one.

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  1. We saw pictures of the craft you made. It is very lovely! The flower turned out very well, we were shocked to find out how you made it!! You will have to post pictures on your blog. Can't wait to see the gift you are given :)