Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's been a crafty kind of thing

Since my reddit giftee has finally received her gift and has posted it on the redditgifts site, here is a picture of what I made! Unfortunately, I am still waiting for the one being sent to me...I'm hoping it comes...maybe on my birthday! That would be a pleasant surprise :)!

The rose was made of a strip of red fabric folded's actually pretty simple concept...but sometimes hard to pull off. Be glad you can't see the back of it :-D. 
With permission from JuicyRed (photo taken by her at a dinner :) ), I have here a picture of her wearing my reddit crafty creation! In reference to two posts before this, I had originally made this as a choker necklace, not putting into account that it should have been adjustable, or that I have a small neck :-S, but Miss JuicyRed took this as an opportunity to be creative herself and putting it in her hair instead! I gotta say, it looks wonderful!! I'm so glad it worked out.
As of late, I've been prepping for the upcoming Sublime Spring Market that is coming up on Saturday.


I can't wait for this to be I can start planning my next one ;)

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