Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer Sweater KAL 2011

I have attempted a sweater last year before, and it has been sitting in my little basket since last year. With work getting busy at certain parts of the year, I end up putting off projects. So this happens a lot, and choosing a sweater around this time is probably not the best idea. HOWEVER, I just passed this point in my work, and the workload is a bit lighter, although I can't predict what it will be like when we start full force again. As much as I'd like to pick up where I left off last year, my notes on the pattern and my work were not clear, and it would be easier for me to just start over. I really like the pattern, and I would love to finish it, but I think another time. Instead I chose a new one to start my 'first' sweater project (I'm not going to count last I didn't finish it!). This pattern is called the Abigail Cardi, by Cecily Glowik Macdonald.

I usually don't buy patterns, because I'm super cheap. I usually scowl Ravelry for free patterns while I use thrift, discounted, or sale yarn. Except this time. C gave me some money for my birthday, which was around two weeks ago, to get some patterns and nice yarn to make something I really liked. It only took me two weeks to decide on a pattern and colour of yarn and build up the courage to purchase it.

Today, a crafty-mummy blog that I read: Luvinthemommyhood, posted her official summer sweater KAL (knit-a-long). I found this the perfect opportunity to get the knitting support that I needed to get through this sweater. The start date is June 15th, and I just ordered my yarn today from! I'm hoping that I can make the deadline, which will be September 1st. That gives me two and a half months! I don't know how long a sweater normally I hope this is enough time for a sweater novice!

Reading through the pattern quickly, I have no idea what half of this stuff means!! I really hope I can find someone on Ravelry or Knittinghelp forums to help me out! This makes me nervous and excited at the same time! What a great way to learn; just DIVE RIGHT IN.

I will update on how this KAL is going for me when it's time to start it :). Hopefully the yarn comes in on time!

The baby seals are coming along. I have 4 official requests, which is currently delaying my Etsy plans, but I'm okay with that. I can't wait to finish a few of them at the same time before I give them away. I want to see them as a small army. :)

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