Saturday, July 02, 2011

Seals to the rescue

With so much great feedback on my baby seals (whom I've named Pago), I've been getting a few more requests in.

Actually, I'm starting to feel it in my arms...a combination of what I think is carpal tunnel and a pulled/overworked forearm muscle. How did this happen? Seals happened.

The great thing about this is with seals being sold, I am closer to making that WWF donation. Each seal sells for $12, where $2 of each sale goes to WWF. Any other accessories on top of the seals cost extra. The seal sales donation money is put on hold until I can make a larger donation, and it seems more significant than making several small donations.

A certain HBO show "Bullsh*t" has taught me is to always check how your donations are distributed towards the organization so you know where your money is going. As a reputable charity, they should all list or display a chart of how your donations are split up between administration, awareness, and research/conservation on their website, or you can request it.

To me, 'awareness' is something that shouldn't need much funding. It's more of a 'reminder' that the organization and the cause still exists. What I'm looking for in a particular cause is how the organization will use my donation to actually help the cause. So, when I went to the international WWF website, they listed that over 90% of your donation goes to actual conservation of wildlife. It didn't take me long to decide which one I actually wanted to donate to :).

Want to make your own donation? Visit WWF's International website: Make a difference in this world :)  

I know I said sweater is top priority...and it is, but more on that later :)

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