Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer Sweater KAL 2011: Wk 4

I am approaching the end of week 4 for my summer sweater KAL, hosted by luvinthemommyhood. Where am I?
I don't think I've done too much. I have just barely at the end of one skein, and the pattern called for 6-7. Things would of gone faster if I didn't have some crochet requests on the side, mind you, I'm just making excuses now! I heard a few girls finished their summer sweaters early for this KAL. SHOOT. It makes me feel inadequate, but what can you expect when I have a full time job.

The pattern I'm working on is the Abigail Cardi, by Cecily Glowik Macdonald. 

As per Luvinthemommyhood's blogger, Shannon (coincidentally my name too!)'s last post about stockinette stitch, well, that's all I've been doing on this sweater. If you don't know what stockinette stitching is, well...I guess this post wouldn't be too interesting for you anyhow :)
But here's a blurb about stockinette stitch: HERE

I chose this sweater for it's simplicity, since it is my first sweater, technically. For me, this is great for me to bring into work and stitch while I wait for animation shots to load on the computer, or if I have some "Yarnie" meetings with some of the girls at work, as I don't really need to pay attention to what I'm doing, and I'm able to gossip/talk at the same time. The pattern -does- call for increases after a certain time, so I can't be out of the loop the entire time during my mindless stockinette stitching. Since my stitch counter only goes up at 99, I had to switch to good ol' pen and paper to keep track of where I am in the pattern. I can finally use all of those tiny notebooks I have been collecting over the years. I knew they'd come in handy one of these days.

So do I find the stockinette stitch boring? No, I don't at all. I find it comforting, and quick.
What I did discover about this sweater is that I think I've been doing my stockinette stitching weird!
I found that when I do my knit stitches, I do a front loop knit (which causes a twist in the loop), and when I do the purls, I do a front loop purl. Now, this isn't necessarily wrong, about half way through the first part of this sweater, I noticed that the reverse side of the stitching seemed odd. It was because the knit stitches were getting twisted when I do the front knit, which is normal, however not the look I wanted. I would have to knit through the back loop and purl through the front loop (all the stitches will just be slid off), OR, knit through the front loop and purl through the back loop (all the stitches will be twisted), for a more uniform look overall. After noticing, I made the proper adjustments and will be continuing to knit through the back loop. Again, it's not WRONG, but not the look I wanted to go for.

I've also taken this opportunity, since I will be doing a large amount of 'mindless' stockinette stitch, to switch my knitting style to 'continental'. This means that the working yarn lies in my left hand, rather than my right, which was what I was originally taught. Both ways work just as well, but I decided to give Continental a try, since I will have the opportunity to practice it. Result: Continental gives me the flexibility to go from knitting to crochet in a heartbeat without feeling disoriented, as the yarn lies in the same hand, and I wrap the yarn around my fingers the same way. I haven't proven that I am working faster in Continental yet, but it sure feels that way. Here is a link to the video I've been learning from. <3 I used this site a lot when I was first starting.


Besides knitting and crocheting, I've been working on a small label that will be attached to all knitted/crochet goodies that I will be making from this point on. I just made the last adjustments tonight and I've printed off my first batch of "Crumbles" for my Yarnie line.

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