Sunday, August 07, 2011

There goes my Yarn Diet

Neglected, you are not. Yarn diet...maybe...I've been trying to lighten my yarn load by using up what I have...but if you read will find out that isn't really happening...

My summer so far has been filled with many adventures and activities, which has forced me to suppress a lot of knitting, but some of them end up being quite crafty.

Let me tell you about one in particular!

About a week ago, I went on a camping road trip with my usual couples crew: C, Taj, and R-chard. In BC, we have the civic holiday/BC day stat, so we got the Monday off, which was a prime opportunity to go camping or any small vacation...and that's what everyone else thought. The campsites in BC, for the most part were either all booked or weren't taking reservations, and was on a first come first serve basis. Since we didn't want to drive around, or take the chance of going early and hoping to get into a -packed- campsite, we decided to check in with our neighbours down south: Washington state.

Source: my camera :)
Not only did they have several campgrounds available, they had one that was close to a Bavarian inspired village we had passed through before but never had the time to really visit. We were lucky to reserve the last spot at Beckler Campground, which was an hour away from Leavenworth, WA; the Bavarian village.

This town amazed me. We mainly visited the city centre area with all the shops. The architecture was gorgeous, and for the most part was themed like a tiny German town. C had heard from a local that this place wasn't always like this. It was only up until about 2-3 years ago when the idea was proposed to upstage the town to a German themed village for a more tourist attraction. Well, it worked.

While we were there for the afternoon, shopping happened. I had to buy a hat because it was scorching hot there. We took any chance to go into a store because they had fans. One store in particular caught my eye...and my wallet: "Wooly Bully Yarns"

Source: Taj's camera
I was sold on the name, and we had to go in. It turns out the owner of the shop is closing the store to move onto other things. I didn't really pay attention to that part as my focus was on the closing store sales...

The entire store was 50% off.

I think I squealed.

My decision to get something didn't take long. I knew immediately that with this sale, I was going to make a sweater, and I need the yarn for it. Unfortunately, I didn't have any internet access (roaming on the phone is expensive), so I had to make an educated guess on how much I needed for the ones I was planning on doing. I chose two yarns in different colours. Both was the "Berroco Ultra Alpaca"; one was the sport weight "Light" yarn. I grabbed what I thought was enough for two different cardigans. I was clearly mistaken when I got home and looked at the patterns on "".

I am now on a hunt for more skeins of yarn in the same dye lot as the ones I had just bought. I went to the "Berroco" website and searched for local businesses that sold the particular yarn weight and took a chance on going there to find the dye lot. My first stop was "Homecraft Importers". They did carry the weight I was looking for, and the colour I was looking for...but not in that combination. One of the ladies there then suggested that I go on "", where you can look at other users to see what they have in their "stash"; an inventory of what the user has on hand, but hasn't used yet. Some users will have their yarn for trade or sale, so it is a great opportunity for both parties to get what they need, and lighten their yarn load. I needed 3 more skeins for one particular cardigan, and was able to find what I needed. I am in the process at the moment of receiving them. One should be on their way, and two are waiting for the person to come back from Vacation to send it.

Eeee. I love getting stuff in the mail :)

There is still more yarn to be needed for the 2nd one I was planning on, but I guess I can wait on it for a bit. Ravelry was not a success for that dye lot, so I will have to continue to hunt the local shops...or if it so happens I'm desperate, I'll have to get them online.

Next week, I am visiting a local Yarn Swap in the community. I hope there will be success there.

I'll do another post on our camping experience next, once I get some photos from the other camera :)

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