Monday, September 05, 2011

Catching up

With the summer sweater KAL I participated in coming to a close soon (they extended the deadline for Sept 15), I don't believe I will be able to finish in time. I was doing pretty good...up to the point where I realized that...well...I misunderstood the pattern and had to start all over from the beginning...after a month and a half worth of work on it.
*le sigh*
So, I had to start over.
Unraveling...was fun, I had to admit =]

On a brighter note, I've been accepted to Sublime's Christmas Market for two Saturdays in November (yay). I will be sharing a table with my good friend, Tas, who is selling her jewelry line. Unfortunately for me, with lack of time and my own personal project, I am unable to add knitted/crochet items to the table. I was really hoping to get a few knitted related items in there, but it looks like it will just be jewelry for now, which is fine and works well with the shared table. Making jewelry is definitely faster especially when you know what you want to make.

I've been pretty MIA lately, but do not fret! Things will get AMAZING....hopefully in the near future. So many ideas in my head, I just can't get them out fast enough!

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