Thursday, September 08, 2011

Knitting: Getting started - mentally preparing yourself

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I've been asked many times how I got into knitting and how to even approach projects as a beginner. Here's my take on knitting/crocheting, and crafts in general.

Be inspired and dive right in.

That was pretty much it for me. I knew what I wanted to create. It may have looked challenging, but there was no point in me bumbling about trying to learn the techniques before I applied it to whatever I was trying to make.

I chose a project that I was going to make for myself, or for someone else. I've learned that doing it for someone else really gives you the drive to finish it, rather than leaving it to the side, which I'm sure has been done many times. I then read over the pattern to see what I have to learn. Rather than learning ALL of the techniques available EVER, I learn as I go. It keeps knitting interesting for me because it always seems new.

What also helped me get through my 'just learning' phase was looking through all kinds of techniques and styles of knitting. was my go to website, and still is. They have informative videos and the woman who talks you through the video doesn't go fast. She talks like she's just in the room with you, helping you get through that particular problem you're hurdling over. I gawked over the variety of things I could possibly learn, and it just gets me excited.

Be excited, not discouraged.

Having a lot of patience is also a good thing to have. You're not going to have this thing done in one sitting, especially if you are just starting out. Don't fret. It doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means you need to practice, and learn from your mistakes. Your second one will be better.

Mind you, I've just been knitting for the past several years, but it has gotten me to this point where it has been an important part of my life. I'm no expert, but I love passing on knowledge and tips I've learned along the way to help other struggling knitters get passed their frustration. I know, I've been there. Hold on! Don't give up. You'll get there, and you'll be so glad you stuck to it.

I've applied this kind of mentality to most things in life, not just knitting.
Stay inspired :)

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