Hamilton's Hairy Happenings

Subject: Chris Hamilton's face
Backstory: It is prone to hair growth. There are times when he would shave in the morning for work, and get in trouble with his superior because he got a "5 o'clock" shadow by noon. In the last few years, the shaving sessions have lessened do to the fact that razors are very expensive for someone who has to cut a jungle of hair every morning on their face. Don't forget to factor in a tiny bit of lazy. 

It started with a trip to Mexico with my family in late January in preparation for the heat. Since then, he has not touched a razor. The only trimming that was done is to the mustache, so he doesn't eat hair when food is consumed. It was only a few months after our trip and a load of comments on his ability to grow a lush beard that he decided to grow it for a whole year without shaving. The compliments only feed the beard's ego. I can literally see it puff up every time someone says: "Dude, that beard is awesome". My favourite quote that he told me: "I can see your beard from behind!". He even has a beard-off with a bum downtown around his work area.

What are my thoughts on his personal project? Trying to support it as much as I can, with playful jokes. So far, I've happened to take at least one photo per month of this beard process, not on purpose, but now it will be.

January 2010
Our trip to Mexico, and a clean face...kind of. This was a day after shaving. Oh boy, do I ever miss his clean face.

February 2010
This is at my brother's wedding reception dinner. One month into the process.

March 2010
I didn't actually take a photo of the beard this month, but I happened to take a video. This was a screenshot of the beard that showed up briefly. Got a haircut though!

April 2010
The beard is not impressed but just landed a job this month...that was not washing cars.

May 2010
Coming in pretty thick. In Seattle and crossing the street downtown, there were a bunch of teenagers who were very intimidated by the beard. Comment whispered: "Don't look directly at it!"

June 2010
At a friend's wedding reception. The beard can't wait to consume 10 courses of delectable Chinese dishes. 

July 2010
I lost my face in the beard.

August 2010
Bearded John Lennon...or ZZ top? We were in Seattle at the time, and there were lots of compliments on the shirt AND beard.

September 2010
The beard caught a fish! Very impressed with himself. (Don't worry, he caught bigger on that weekend).  I had a discussion with the beard the other day about how it jiggles when he shakes his head...It's gotten to the point where there is secondary movement!

October 2010
Beard mugshot. I swear he's not a homeless man I picked off the street. The beard can now sweep 'crumbs' off his chest.

November 2010
Getting ready for the winter, although with all that fuzz, it's not that hard to stay warm.

A True Canadian.

December 2010
King Leonidas is appalled by the card that was played on the table. In sorrow, he requested another beer. The beard has a flow to it now...whenever the head shakes in disapproval, the beard jiggles, without a doubt. I cannot keep a straight face.

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